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Therapeutic Massage 


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1 hr session


Therapeutic Massage 


Need a little extra time

90 mins session


Sports Massage


Best for pre or post activity

45 mins session



Hot Stones  + $25

An ancient Chinese technique, hot stone massage is the perfect modality to soothe, relax and de-stress on the massage table. Basalt stones are heated to approximately 125-135 degrees prior to your session and used to loosen up muscles tension and improve circulations.

Aromatherapy + $15

Old world remedies for thousands of years on the table. Essential oils can provide physical benefits, such as pain reduction, improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure, other essential oils can be helpful for emotional therapy, such as de-stressing, fighting depression and just simply providing a deeper sense of calm and peace

Chair Massage $1.50 per minute

This is an optional service for the 

on-the-go clients who simply just wants to sneak in a quick relaxation time or  just "a getaway" for a few to get those irritating  knots out. Fully clothed, no mess no fuss of oil and lotions. 

Essential Oil to choose from

  • Lavender: Light and floral scent that can promote relaxation, improve mood and promote a restful deep sleep.
  • Eucalyptus: Sharp herbal scent makes eucalyptus memorable and enjoyable. This single-note scent can be stimulating, purifying and open the senses to help promote focus and clarity.
  • Radiance: Slightly sweet and citrusy scent with a hint of pine. The blended oils of Radiance are uplifting and energizing.
  • Vitality: A light floral scent of blended essential oils that have an earthy finish. Vitality is calming and can help improve your mood.